Friday, October 26, 2007

The Real World Martha

Hi Everyone,
My name is Debbie, not Martha. I am creating a Weblog to share simple solutions for a terrific life that I believe to be realistic.
If you are like me entertaining, cooking, finance, beauty, shopping, housekeeping may need to be done on a dime instead of a quarter. I may never have $100 to spend on beauty products (nor would I think I would want to). I may not have curly endive in my fridge, today or any other day. I know I can’t go to 3 stores and purchase a bunch of items for a party I am going to throw. And time and energy, for all those sleep deprived, may not allow for making my own purse.
Most of the people I know are on a limited budget (money and time) and need helpful ideas to save money, throw a party on the cheap, save the planet-without having to purchase a new energy efficient appliance, shopping smart, when to really splurge and spend money on an item, menu planning, easy craft ideas, etc. I get lots of questions from my friends and would like to help others and learn more ideas from you too!

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Blogging Ahead

Ok, so I started blogging on wordpress:

I was just trying to update my profile on blogger and ended up with another blog. We will see what happens. Anyways, all my posts will be there funny, mom, Christian, enviornmental, food, cleaning (or the lack there of sometimes), adoption, etc etc etc.

Please come check it out and we will see if I move over to this one in the future.


Debbie aka The Real World Martha